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Grimbarwith comes from the ancient Lemurian language, literally meaning, “the Conflicted Lands”. The Lemurian people were one of five “Creator Races”, the Humans living on the continent of Grimbarwith, are the descendants of the colonists who settled here before Lemuria sank beneath the oceans. The Humans competed with the Dragons, the Elves and other Creator Races, until, they became the most numerous and adaptable race on the continent. The Dwarves who live here are newcomers. No one is certain where they came from. They appeared deep in their mountains, around five thousand years ago and have been trapped here ever since. The Elves have been here longer than even the most aged Elf can recall. They were here before the fall of Lemuria and the coming of the Dwarves. Only one race has been around longer than the Elves and that would be the Dragons. The Dragons are actually the first intelligent race to settle on Grimbarwith. They were once (and some say still) on top of the food chain. But, alas, that was before the Lemurian colonists arrived. The Chromatic Dragons of Grimbarwith, worship Tiamat. She saved her children from destruction by the Overlord of the Gods, “The Unnamed One”, after the Dragons had angered him. Those Dragons that survived the wrath of the Unnamed One, fled to the four corners of Grimbarwith. Tiamat pleaded with the Unnamed One to allow her to save her children from the swords and arrows of the Human colonists. The Dragons were allowed to settle a cluster of small islands risen from the sea by their God’s will alone. She created a servitor race, the Dragonkin, to assist her children. To be continued

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

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